Atlantiküberquerung – Was es bedeutet über den Atlantik zu segeln

Die Atlantiküberquerung

Es war Nacht während der Atlantiküberquerung. Der Wind wurde plötzlich stärker und ich spürte, wie die Segelgeschwindigkeit des Bootes mindestens 11 Knoten erreichte. Ich war aufgewühlt und glücklich; Ich konnte mich vor Euphorie kaum beherrschen. Aber es wurde schwieriger und schwieriger das Segelboot zu steuern, gleichzeitig achtete ich darauf meinen Kurs zu halten. Plötzlich raste mein Herz und Adrenalin schoss durch meinen Körper. Continue reading “Atlantiküberquerung – Was es bedeutet über den Atlantik zu segeln”

Crossing Atlantic And What It Means to Sail Across the Atlantic Ocean

Crossing Atlantic Ocean

While crossing the Atlantic and steering at night, the wind suddenly became stronger and I felt the sailing speed reach at least 11 knots. At first, I was pretty euphoric about how fast I was sailing. But steering became more and more difficult as I tried to stay on course. Suddenly, my heart was racing and adrenaline ran through my body. The helm was difficult to control, and I could barely calm my stupid excitement. The sky had become darker and the visibility worsened. Continue reading “Crossing Atlantic And What It Means to Sail Across the Atlantic Ocean”

Great Persia, A Refreshing and Surprising Country

Travels in Iran

I have no words to begin to describe my unforgettable journey to Iran.
It is a country which surprised me in so many ways and which I would highly recommend you visit before it gets too touristy. Continue reading “Great Persia, A Refreshing and Surprising Country”

Marathon, Eastern Europe, Japan And Life In Taipei

Update On What Happened In The Past Few Months

I Moved To Taipei

I know it has been a very long time since I blogged. Especially after Uganda, which was an exhilarating country to visit – The Pearl of Africa.

Athens Original Marathon 2019

Continue reading “Marathon, Eastern Europe, Japan And Life In Taipei”

Uganda – The Pearl Of Africa And A Secret Travel Destination

Uganda – Destination To Go Before You Die

I just traveled to Uganda, a country that left me speechless. And I truly feel that I will forever have a special bond with this country. Undoubtedly it will leave you speechless too with its tapestry of landscapes. An abundance of resplendent wildlife I have never before experienced and some of the most welcoming locals you’ll ever meet. It is a small country but has more to offer than one could imagine.

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Rwanda- The Country Of A Thousand Hills

Why I traveled to Rwanda

Nothing could have prepared me for the beauty of Rwanda. In the following, there is a short background story why I traveled to the country of a thousand hills. Even before I went to Rwanda, I have dealt a lot with the country and history. At 15 years old, I wrote an assignment about Rwanda. Therefore, I read a lot of literature and I watched many movies about the genocide, which only happened in 1994. I dreamt about going to Rwanda since I was a teenager. But never ever would I think about getting there before 30. It still feels so unreal when I think about how I have just been there recently. Continue reading “Rwanda- The Country Of A Thousand Hills”

Ethiopia – The Cradle Of Humanity And How To Appreciate Your Life

Ethiopia – My First Sub Saharan African Country

I haven’t written for a while, but now I finally settled down for a very short period of time to write a new article about Ethiopia.

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Malta – What I Did In A Week In This Tiny Little Country

From Jordan to Malta

Malta was a small country so I’m going to make this article small. But because it is one of the 100 countries in my life I want to share it with you. And I want to give a little bit of insight into that island. I came to Malta because it was on the way to Paris. So I thought why not stop here for a week and explore its surroundings. And I think it was a great decision for me to do that. I don’t regret it at all and I enjoyed very much my time in Malta. Continue reading “Malta – What I Did In A Week In This Tiny Little Country”

Jordan – On The Tracks Of Lawrence From Arabia

Jordan Itinerary

Leaving Oman was not easy for me. And unfortunately for Jordan, once I arrived I kept comparing the country to Oman. And it just couldn’t compete with Oman’s incredible hospitality.

Relatively small

When traveling to Jordan, there are 3 top highlights to discover: Petra, Wadi Rum and the Dead Sea. Here’s our itinerary for one week in Jordan! You can circle the country in a week easily, because the distances are not big. Continue reading “Jordan – On The Tracks Of Lawrence From Arabia”