Uganda – The Pearl Of Africa And A Secret Travel Destination

Uganda – Destination To Go Before You Die

I just traveled to Uganda, a country that left me speechless. And I truly feel that I will forever have a special bond with this country. Undoubtedly it will leave you speechless too with its tapestry of landscapes. An abundance of resplendent wildlife I have never before experienced and some of the most welcoming locals you’ll ever meet. It is a small country but has more to offer than one could imagine.

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Rwanda- The Country Of A Thousand Hills

Why I traveled to Rwanda

Nothing could have prepared me for the beauty of Rwanda. In the following, there is a short background story why I traveled to the country of a thousand hills. Even before I went to Rwanda, I have dealt a lot with the country and history. At 15 years old, I wrote an assignment about Rwanda. Therefore, I read a lot of literature and I watched many movies about the genocide, which only happened in 1994. I dreamt about going to Rwanda since I was a teenager. But never ever would I think about getting there before 30. It still feels so unreal when I think about how I have just been there recently. Continue reading “Rwanda- The Country Of A Thousand Hills”

Ethiopia – The Cradle Of Humanity And How To Appreciate Your Life

Ethiopia – My First Sub Saharan African Country

I haven’t written for a while, but now I finally settled down for a very short period of time to write a new article about Ethiopia.

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Malta – What I Did In A Week In This Tiny Little Country

From Jordan to Malta

Malta was a small country so I’m going to make this article small. But because it is one of the 100 countries in my life I want to share it with you. And I want to give a little bit of insight into that island. I came to Malta because it was on the way to Paris. So I thought why not stop here for a week and explore its surroundings. And I think it was a great decision for me to do that. I don’t regret it at all and I enjoyed very much my time in Malta. Continue reading “Malta – What I Did In A Week In This Tiny Little Country”

Jordan – On The Tracks Of Lawrence From Arabia

Jordan Itinerary

Leaving Oman was not easy for me. And unfortunately for Jordan, once I arrived I kept comparing the country to Oman. And it just couldn’t compete with Oman’s incredible hospitality.

Relatively small

When traveling to Jordan, there are 3 top highlights to discover: Petra, Wadi Rum and the Dead Sea. Here’s our itinerary for one week in Jordan! You can circle the country in a week easily, because the distances are not big. Continue reading “Jordan – On The Tracks Of Lawrence From Arabia”

Oman – Off The Beaten Track And Reasons To Visit The Country

Incredible Oman

Why did I travel to Oman? I read about Oman already 2 years ago. Back then, I got some vaccinations and in the doctor’s waiting room I saw photographs of a desert. Later, the doctor told me he took the photographs at Wahiba Sands in Oman. I started to gather more information about Oman, and this year I put this beautiful country on my list. My friend Sven and I traveled for 8 days in Oman and I can assure you it was definitely one of the greatest experience in nearly 5 years of my world travels. Continue reading “Oman – Off The Beaten Track And Reasons To Visit The Country”

Egypt – Traveling Back In Time On A Cruise Along The Nile

Egypt – A Vacation For Mau and I

Egypt was on our travel list since September of last year. Mau and I traveled together back then to Cuba, Guatemala and Belize. I got an offer from one of the newspapers I worked for to travel to Egypt for 8 days on a 5 star cruise ship along the Nile. In addition to that, we would visit some astonishing temples.

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Bogota – My First Impression Of Colombia’s Capital

Welcome to Bogota

To take a flight from Ecuador to here seems to be ridiculously expensive and I don’t even know why. Boyang and I split up while in Ecuador because he wanted to do other things than trekking volcanoes. So we were able to reunite in Colombia.       

view point of bogota
View point

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