My Antarctica Trips In January And February 2019

Antarctica Trips In 2019Argentinian Station Antarctica

Hi everyone, I know I have been quite bad at blogging the last 4 months and I have been neglecting this blog. But now I have a little bit of a short breather to finally do some catching up. I can’t wait to share with you all of my travel stories from January until April – and just right now I finally have a grip on my life and time to do some writing.

I don’t even know where to start. Everything is super exciting! How about I start with New Year’s Eve in Ushuaia  – Fin del Mundo. I spent it with all the sailors and captains over there. It was a great start for 2019! The entire month of January I was working in Antarctica. I had a group of 7 men (all with different backgrounds) .

And to be honest – in the sailor’s world, if you’re working as a young girl, you have to earn the respect through the quality of your work and through its results!! So that’s what I did.

Antarctica 2019 Pictures

I enjoyed all the treks and hikes I did in Antarctica with the passengers on board. I was the expedition leader and in order to fulfill the expectations of my job, I needed to trust those people and they had to trust me. Still after 3 years working in Antarctica, I can’t get enough of the adventures I immerse myself in. But not only the landscape and history of Antarctica is enthralling.

For me, the enchantment is a mixture of being isolated from the rest of the world for a few months. Being away from my social media life on whatever the applications are called. Not to have to care about anything I usually care about (call it an escape of reality).

The raw wildlife before it will get touristy in the next 20 years. The adventures climbing mountains, sailing and surviving in the wild. Testing my limits and figuring out what this world has to offer when you’re watching one of the most enchanting sunsets on planet Earth. Being grateful for life and how you sometimes deal with it.

February Trip

In February I was working for ‘only’ 23 days in Antarctica and had 3 different couples on board. I can tell you that a 3-week sailing trip combined with a shortage of space with strangers is the best psychology study you can enroll in.

I am very honest – I didn’t have the biggest pleasure with those couples but I had an amazing time for some serious trekking by myself. Everyday is a new adventure when you are exploring places like Antarctica. And working in Antarctica with such a great captain is like winning the lottery jackpot. I really don’t know if I will still keep working in Antarctica for the years to come. But I know life is just about to start right now for me.
And 2019 feels just great so far.

Now you can see some awe-inspiring landscapes in the photos I will display for my January and February 2019 Antarctica Trip. Credits to Michael, the photograph on our expeditions!

Any questions? – If you don’t know me: I am Hong, world citizen of 22 years and I have traveled for 4 years around the world. My goal is to travel to 100 countries by 30 and to speak more or less 5 languages. You can contact me anytime, I am happy to receive any letters from my readers. To cut a long story short: Enjoy the pictures!

Gentoo Penguins
Gentoo Penguins
Hannah Point
At Hannah Point, Livingston Island
Macaroni Penguin
Macaroni Penguins at Hannah Point
Deception Island
Deception Island
Expedition in Antactica
Leading an expedition in Antarctica


Sailing Antarctica
Some landscape photography
Antarctica wildlife
Leopard Seal
gentoo penguin
Gentoo penguin family
hiking in antarctica
Hiking beautiful Antarctica
humback whale antarctica
Watching humpback whales
Antarctica Iceberg
I enjoyed much to take photos of icebergs
charcot antarctica
At Charcot Island, Antarctica February 2019
Sailing yacht antarctica
Our sailing yacht at Paradise Harbour
Antarctica adventure
Me climbing up somewhere again.

gentoo penguin

lemaire channel
Through the Lemaire Channel
antarctica hiking
Leading my group in January in Antarctica
Livingston Island
First Stop – Hannah Point

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