Thoughts, Impressions And Pictures Of My Second Antarctica Trip

Antarctica trip 2.0

Have you ever been to a situation where you thought it just can’t get better, but it got better?
Of course we also experience often the contrary, whereas you think it can’t get worse and it got worse.  After my first Antarctica trip I was somehow still paralyzed and couldn’t believe that I finally made one of my biggest dreams becoming true.
On my second trip I had 7 German doctors on board who took great care of me. We had a terrific sailing trip. Additional to it I could send some postcards at the Vernadsky Ukrainian Station to my mother and friends.

Impressions, Facts & Thoughts

We saw whales (even orcas), plenty of penguins, sea lions and beautiful birds.
2 out of 3 weeks we had bad and cloudy weather.
We sailed on the way to Antarctica 3 days in the Drake Passage and on the way back  (lucky how we are) 5 days on this Antarctica trip.
3 times we made a barbecue in Antarctica.
I made 21 times? a stew.
My personal highlights were the animals, the Lemaire-Channel and the Ukrainian Station.
On the landings I walked most of the times in my leggings.
 I fell 3 times into Penguin shit and smelled like a dead cat.
Card games became our favorite leisure game during the Drake.
I wore a red sweater for 14 days and got a new warm hat from my captain with the inscription “Port Lockroy, Antarctica”.

There was a lot of laughter everyday.
And the smell of fresh-baked bread was one of the reasons why I could wake up at 7.30 am in the morning.
Sunset and dinner time were my favorite time on this trip.
I didn’t go swimming like on my first Antarctica trip.
Once I fell down from my upper bunk bed and my roommate didn’t even notice any slightest noises.
I do love talking and I am super talkative person. But my roommate fell often asleep when I narrated (in my opinion) a wonderful story.

Call It A Plan

No other place on Earth could affect my heart with such tranquility like Antarctica does.

I know it’s hard sometimes to believe in your own dreams when no one believes in you.
But never forget that you have the abilities and decisions in your life.
And you can do everything you want.
The most important thing is that you never give up and believe strongly in yourself.
No one can take away your dreams and hopes and thoughts.
So maybe don’t call it a dream anymore.
Call it a plan.
And just do it!

Sunset Antarctica
Sunrise or sunset in Antarctica?
Antarctica Trip

Antarctica Trip

Antarctica Trip
Cooking together on board
Someone took a picture of me while I took pictures.
Antarctica Trip
Spreading joy

Antarctica Trip

Antarctica Trip
Iceberg in Antarctica
Antarctica sailing trip
We had many cloudy days

Antarctica argentine base

Friendship travels
Friendships even exist in Antarctica
Antarctica Trip
Another iceberg

Sailing Antarctica Trip

Antarctica Sailing Trip
I took many pictures of mountains – Really a lot.
Iceberg in Antarctica
Every iceberg has its own shape and beauty
Sailing Lemaire-Channel
The infamous Lemaire-Channel
Antarctica Sailing Trip
Another landscape picture I took with my canon
First Mate Sailing Yacht
The Captain and I
Iceberg in Antarctica
THIS was my favourite iceberg
Sailing Antarctica
I never expected that I would love sailing so much
Swimming penguin
It took me two weeks to capture this picture


Penguin Antarctica
Gentoo Penguins are not as cute as Chinstraps but super adorable
Antarctica Penguin
This penguin was running towards my camera


Penguins Antarctica
One of my favourite pictures from this trip
Sailing yacht to Antarctica
The beautiful sailing yacht I sailed with
Penguin colony
Penguins are also enjoying the sun
Gentoo Penguin
This cutie run into me
Antarctica trip
Not only Penguins are enjoying the sun. I did it as well.
Antarctica pose
I don’t know why, but everywhere we went to he took a picture of himself with this pose
Adelie Penguins
Adelie Penguins
Sea lion in Antarctica
Besides penguins, there are also other animals
Penguins of Antarctica
A colony of Adelie penguins

Antarctica Trip

Antarctica Trip
I have no idea why the snow was so reddish at the Ukrainian base?
Wordie House, ukrainian Base
Wordie House from far away
Antarctica trip
Wordie House
Antarctica trip
I fancy mountain pictures, especially from Antarctica.

Antarctica Trip

Antarctica sailing trip
Antarctica Trip
Port Lockroy closed when we tried to visit it on Sunday
Antarctic Trip
Port Lockroy is a natural harbour on the north-western shore of Wiencke Island in the Palmer Archipelago.
Antarctic Trip
Whale skeletons
melchior antarctica
One of the most beautiful places in Antarctica: Melchior Islands.
Any questions? You can contact me anytime 🙂

2 thoughts on “Thoughts, Impressions And Pictures Of My Second Antarctica Trip”

    1. We usually don’t choose our passengers. They booked the trip more than 2 years ago. To travel with 7 German doctors is such a splendid experiences. All of them (born 1962 or 63) were super keen on sailing and also helped us with sailing in Antarctica and cooking as well, they were even included in our watch system and routine that works for us splendidly. And since they were living back then in the DDR (east German part) and super knowledgeable we would play often quizzes and talk mostly about history and medicine stuff I never heard of before. Definitely a life time experience I am very grateful for.

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