The First Antarctica Trip

I woke up with the sunbeams. It is notoriously cold outside, icebergs around me in Antarctica. I can’t sort my thoughts in my head. I got caught in a dream. Since the age of 15 I have dreamt going to Antarctica. But as a low-budget traveler, it was pretty hard paying the $ 10,000 to $ 20,000.


But now, exactly on Christmas in 2017, I managed to stand here surrounded by penguins and icebergs. One could almost think that I am in the movie Titanic, just before the ship collided with the big iceberg. The sun is shining, daylight for 24 hours and I decided to go swimming. After I have cooked food for my crew, two of us decided to literally jump into the cold water.

Jumping Into Freedom

As I’m about to jump into the water, I saw a few penguins on a small iceberg from a distance. I could hardly believe my luck. A couple of birds flew over my head, but I hesitated to jump in. My body twitched at the thought that the water would be minus degrees. It took me a few minutes to have the courage to jump.
Once j
umped, I felt free of all the sadness and burdens of the year. I felt the taste of freedom. The conscious freedom to decide what I want in my life and what not. I probably was not in the water for more than 30 seconds. But the thought to have done it, to regret nothing later on is one of the best and fulfilling feelings I could imagine.

I still can not summarize all my thoughts because there are moments in life that you have to experience by yourself and are hard to express. But those are exactly the moments you want to share with everyone around the world. So it’s such a dilemma to express my feelings right now.

Been Stoked

Humpback whales or dolphins swam next to the sailing yacht and you are just wordless and out of breath because of the beauty of Mother Nature. When you feel small compared to the huge ocean that covers 71% of the earth’s surface. Exactly those moments, making me feel alive and are the reasons which thrives me.
That was the end of my year, I could not finish it any better.

Thank You

Thank you to Darrel for helping me with the first step to my big dream. Thank you very much, Ben and Simon for being my first crew in the Antarctic. And especially Ben, that you had enough faith to take me on your sailing yacht as a crew member.
And a very special thank to an Argentine lady, Roxanna who supported me with everything. She took care of me like a mother and has a humongous heart. Thank you very much, I can’t wait to see you next time.

Pictures Of Antarctica

I did not take many pictures on my trip to Antarctica, I wanted to enjoy the nature around me to the fullest instead of holding the camera in front of my face. But in the following I will public the pictures that I really liked. Many of them are from penguins.
Simon, my colleague took most of the pictures.

Maybe you want to finally fulfill your childhood dream?
I have reached my biggest goal. At the age of 21, but it doesn’t stop me from pursuing my next big dream and goals.

PS: I’m trying to shoot more pictures on my next trip to Antarctica.
In the article about Ushuaia you can read more about what I did to find a boat to Antarctica.


South Shetland Islands.
Deception Island. Cute Seal.
Journey to Antarctica
Another iceberg.
My first big iceberg I captured with my phone.
Gentoo penguins.
American Base in Antartica
Some Gentoo Penguins on the American Base.
Penguins in Antarctica
The penguins from Madagascar?

Deception Island

Wanna be my friend?


What do you want from me? – Please pose for me, thanks.
🙂 🙂 🙂
Deception Island
Two Penguins
Caption this by yourself.
Penguins, Deception Island
I was frigging excited.
Penguins, Antarctica
Some Chinstrap Penguins.
Deception Island
The sailing yacht is in the background.