Diving in Mozambique and Why I love Zimbabwe

Mozambique and Zimbabwe

Mozambique is the first Portuguese country I visited in Africa, and I had a wonderful time there.
However, if you follow the news, you would be terrified of visiting and expect nothing but danger, especially for a female solo traveller.

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Untold Tales of a small country called Eswatini

Eswatini or Swaziland?

My time in Swaziland (nowadays called Eswatini) was unforgettable, not only in a positive way…
Eswatini means “land of the Swazis” in the Swazi language. This was partly intended to prevent confusion with the similarly named Switzerland, but the name change was also driven by the desire to break with the country’s colonial past. Continue reading “Untold Tales of a small country called Eswatini”

Marathon Race Reviews of 2021: Paris, New York, and Nairobi Marathon

Paris, New York, and Nairobi Marathon

Last year, I found myself running several marathons around the world, but the three following marathons were the highlights. Read along for my personal experience and some useful tips what to expect from majors marathon!

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Welcome to the warm heart of Africa – Malawi

Malawi, Hospitality Destination

Sapitwa Peak Malawi

I left my heart not only in Zambia but also in Malawi. Malawi is rightly nicknamed the Warm Heart of Africa. But for me it also applies to Zambia, although I am not surprised that they were once a country under British colonial rule. Malawian friendliness and hospitality is well-known, even abroad. When I went on Safari last year to the Serengeti and Ngorongoro, I met a couple from the Netherlands and the husband told me about the beauty and friendliness of Malawi. Since last September I had my mind set on traveling to Malawi – half a year later I am stunned by the beauty of this lushly and extremely friendly country and its geographical diversity. Continue reading “Welcome to the warm heart of Africa – Malawi”

Botswana: The Ultimate Safari Destination!

Botswana as the safari destination

I’m not a big fan of safaris if I’m completely honest. It’s simply because I have a hard time sitting in a car for 7-8 hours a day – I feel bad after only a 3 hour drive. But Botswana… Botswana is really a whole different story!

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Vivid Travels Through South Africa

South Africa is dangerous?

First stop: Johannesburg aka Joburg

When people kept telling me how dangerous South Africa is, it didn’t weigh easy on my mind. Especially during a heated discussion with the bartender at Ronnie’s Sex Shop on Route 62 who told me his opinion about South Africa: “Everyone here in South Africa knows at least one person who was killed or kidnapped by someone.” This sentence sticks in my head to this day. Continue reading “Vivid Travels Through South Africa”

Namibia: The Vast Lonely Beauty Of The Namib Desert

Namibia – Tales from December 2020 to January 2021

I have to be honest so much has happened during 2021 that I haven’t even been able to blog. But this year I was able to learn a lot from life and my travels again and I look forward to sharing it in this and future blog posts.

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Tanzania – Kilimanjaro, Or The Time All My Stuff Got Stolen

Tanzania And How To Define Justice

Justice is a difficult subject to talk about. Justice has a different meaning to everyone. My justice is probably not on the same level as yours or hers. In Tanzania, the judiciary is corrupt and I can tell from my experience that our worlds are far apart when it comes to acting in terms of justice. Continue reading “Tanzania – Kilimanjaro, Or The Time All My Stuff Got Stolen”