Botswana: The Ultimate Safari Destination!

Botswana as the safari destination

I’m not a big fan of safaris if I’m completely honest. It’s simply because I have a hard time sitting in a car for 7-8 hours a day – I feel bad after only a 3 hour drive. But Botswana… Botswana is really a whole different story!

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Vivid Travels Through South Africa

South Africa is dangerous?

First stop: Johannesburg aka Joburg

When people kept telling me how dangerous South Africa is, it didn’t weigh easy on my mind. Especially during a heated discussion with the bartender at Ronnie’s Sex Shop on Route 62 who told me his opinion about South Africa: “Everyone here in South Africa knows at least one person who was killed or kidnapped by someone.” This sentence sticks in my head to this day. Continue reading “Vivid Travels Through South Africa”

Namibia: The Vast Lonely Beauty Of The Namib Desert

Namibia – Tales from December 2020 to January 2021

I have to be honest so much has happened during 2021 that I haven’t even been able to blog. But this year I was able to learn a lot from life and my travels again and I look forward to sharing it in this and future blog posts.

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Tanzania – Kilimanjaro, Or The Time All My Stuff Got Stolen

Tanzania And How To Define Justice

Justice is a difficult subject to talk about. Justice has a different meaning to everyone. My justice is probably not on the same level as yours or hers. In Tanzania, the judiciary is corrupt and I can tell from my experience that our worlds are far apart when it comes to acting in terms of justice. Continue reading “Tanzania – Kilimanjaro, Or The Time All My Stuff Got Stolen”

Uganda – The Pearl Of Africa And A Secret Travel Destination

Uganda – Destination To Go Before You Die

I just traveled to Uganda, a country that left me speechless. And I truly feel that I will forever have a special bond with this country. Undoubtedly it will leave you speechless too with its tapestry of landscapes. An abundance of resplendent wildlife I have never before experienced and some of the most welcoming locals you’ll ever meet. It is a small country but has more to offer than one could imagine.

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Rwanda- The Country Of A Thousand Hills

Why I traveled to Rwanda

Nothing could have prepared me for the beauty of Rwanda. In the following, there is a short background story why I traveled to the country of a thousand hills. Even before I went to Rwanda, I have dealt a lot with the country and history. At 15 years old, I wrote an assignment about Rwanda. Therefore, I read a lot of literature and I watched many movies about the genocide, which only happened in 1994. I dreamt about going to Rwanda since I was a teenager. But never ever would I think about getting there before 30. It still feels so unreal when I think about how I have just been there recently. Continue reading “Rwanda- The Country Of A Thousand Hills”

Ethiopia – The Cradle Of Humanity And How To Appreciate Your Life

Ethiopia – My First Sub Saharan African Country

I haven’t written for a while, but now I finally settled down for a very short period of time to write a new article about Ethiopia.

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Egypt – Traveling Back In Time On A Cruise Along The Nile

Egypt – A Vacation For Mau and I

Egypt was on our travel list since September of last year. Mau and I traveled together back then to Cuba, Guatemala and Belize. I got an offer from one of the newspapers I worked for to travel to Egypt for 8 days on a 5 star cruise ship along the Nile. In addition to that, we would visit some astonishing temples.

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