21st May 2022 – Standing on the top of the World: Mount Everest

21st May 2022 – Standing on the top of the World: Mount Everest, Sagarmatha, Chomolungma

There are no words for how I felt about my 2-month expedition to summit Mount Everest. After spending New Year’s in Senegal I traveled back to Kenya in January 2022 and stayed there the next 3 months to train, which actually looked like this: rock climbing twice a week and, the rest of the time, running with one of the greatest national athletic teams of Kenya. It was such an honour to train in the same team with Olympians and winners of championships. Continue reading “21st May 2022 – Standing on the top of the World: Mount Everest”

Great Persia, A Refreshing and Surprising Country

Travels in Iran

I have no words to begin to describe my unforgettable journey to Iran.
It is a country which surprised me in so many ways and which I would highly recommend you visit before it gets too touristy. Continue reading “Great Persia, A Refreshing and Surprising Country”

Marathon, Eastern Europe, Japan And Life In Taipei

Update On What Happened In The Past Few Months

I Moved To Taipei

I know it has been a very long time since I blogged. Especially after Uganda, which was an exhilarating country to visit – The Pearl of Africa.

Athens Original Marathon 2019

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Jordan – On The Tracks Of Lawrence From Arabia

Jordan Itinerary

Leaving Oman was not easy for me. And unfortunately for Jordan, once I arrived I kept comparing the country to Oman. And it just couldn’t compete with Oman’s incredible hospitality.

Relatively small

When traveling to Jordan, there are 3 top highlights to discover: Petra, Wadi Rum and the Dead Sea. Here’s our itinerary for one week in Jordan! You can circle the country in a week easily, because the distances are not big. Continue reading “Jordan – On The Tracks Of Lawrence From Arabia”

Oman – Off The Beaten Track And Reasons To Visit The Country

Incredible Oman

Why did I travel to Oman? I read about Oman already 2 years ago. Back then, I got some vaccinations and in the doctor’s waiting room I saw photographs of a desert. Later, the doctor told me he took the photographs at Wahiba Sands in Oman. I started to gather more information about Oman, and this year I put this beautiful country on my list. My friend Sven and I traveled for 8 days in Oman and I can assure you it was definitely one of the greatest experience in nearly 5 years of my world travels. Continue reading “Oman – Off The Beaten Track And Reasons To Visit The Country”

My First Pilgramage In Life And What I Learned During Mazu Festival

How Did I Attend The Mazu Festival

You would probably know that I am jumping on every opportunity which comes my way for traveling.
After Antarctica, I got a message from Shin-Ba if I would like to join him for Mazu Festival. I volunteered in their hostel in February 2017 in Taichung. Not even looking up any information, I just agreed with him to come back to Taiwan just before the festival would start.
Therefore I booked after my Moroccan trip my flight ticket from Europe to Taipei. As you know I have a deep connection with Taiwan and its people. In May I arrived at the airport in Taipei and it was my third time visiting this tiny and beautiful country.

Mazu beigang temple
Chaotian temple in Beigang

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Another Throwback To 2014: South Korea In Pictures

After Japan we took the Panstar Cruise from Osaka to cross the sea and finally arrived in Busan, South Korea. Unfortunately like Japan, I forgot the names of many places I have been to. Therefore I will share a series of photographs we took from Busan, Jeonju and Seoul.
We traveled for two weeks in the country on the southern half of the Korean Peninsula. South Korea does not need to hide with its lush hilly countryside, famous Korean dramas and K-Pop, the coastal fishing villages, terrific islands, high-tech cities and rich cultural inheritance.  

Seoul, South Korea.

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Throwback to 2014: Japan In Pictures

Two countries I wanted to travel before I die:
Australia and Japan. 
My dream of traveling Japan became true in Summer 2014. 
I forgot the names of most places I have been to.
Therefore I would like to share a series of photographs I took from Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara, Osaka and Kobe.

The Land of the Rising Sun is one of my favourite countries.
Colourful, weird and lovely I highly recommend everyone to travel Japan.

Kyoto, Japan
Geishas, Kyoto. 2014

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Hitchhiking in Taiwan

You don’t need thousands of dollars to visit Taiwan and to get around the tiny island.
Hitchhiking in Taiwan is truly one of these experiences in life you better don’t elude. And for me they are one of my most memorable and valuable moments in Taiwan. Moreover, it is environment-friendly, you save money and above all you meet people with different backgrounds on the road. In no other country I didn’t only receive free rides, but also invitations for lunch on other snacks.
Besides Japan, Taiwan is a credible safe country to hitchhike.

Hitchhiking in Taiwan: For the first time I hitchhiked with my friend to Dulan, Taitung county.

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