Atlantiküberquerung – Was es bedeutet über den Atlantik zu segeln

Die Atlantiküberquerung

Es war Nacht während der Atlantiküberquerung. Der Wind wurde plötzlich stärker und ich spürte, wie die Segelgeschwindigkeit des Bootes mindestens 11 Knoten erreichte. Ich war aufgewühlt und glücklich; Ich konnte mich vor Euphorie kaum beherrschen. Aber es wurde schwieriger und schwieriger das Segelboot zu steuern, gleichzeitig achtete ich darauf meinen Kurs zu halten. Plötzlich raste mein Herz und Adrenalin schoss durch meinen Körper. Continue reading “Atlantiküberquerung – Was es bedeutet über den Atlantik zu segeln”

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Crossing Atlantic And What It Means to Sail Across the Atlantic Ocean

Crossing Atlantic Ocean

While crossing the Atlantic and steering at night, the wind suddenly became stronger and I felt the sailing speed reach at least 11 knots. At first, I was pretty euphoric about how fast I was sailing. But steering became more and more difficult as I tried to stay on course. Suddenly, my heart was racing and adrenaline ran through my body. The helm was difficult to control, and I could barely calm my stupid excitement. The sky had become darker and the visibility worsened. Continue reading “Crossing Atlantic And What It Means to Sail Across the Atlantic Ocean”

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Istanbul – My First Time Visit And Reasons Why You Need To Go

Enchanting Istanbul

Paris is unique, Rome too. But Istanbul is truly a diamond amongst all of them. There is no other city in the world that spans two continents and is split by the Bosphorus River.

Continue reading “Istanbul – My First Time Visit And Reasons Why You Need To Go”

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Marathon, Eastern Europe, Japan And Life In Taipei

Update On What Happened In The Past Few Months

I Moved To Taipei

I know it has been a very long time since I blogged. Especially after Uganda, which was an exhilarating country to visit – The Pearl of Africa.

Athens Original Marathon 2019

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Malta – What I Did In A Week In This Tiny Little Country

From Jordan to Malta

Malta was a small country so I’m going to make this article small. But because it is one of the 100 countries in my life I want to share it with you. And I want to give a little bit of insight into that island. I came to Malta because it was on the way to Paris. So I thought why not stop here for a week and explore its surroundings. And I think it was a great decision for me to do that. I don’t regret it at all and I enjoyed very much my time in Malta. Continue reading “Malta – What I Did In A Week In This Tiny Little Country”

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A Throwback To June 2015 – Salzburg, Austria In Pictures

Salzburg in Pictures

Me: “Guys, we have to do something, we finished school!!”
Luisa, Sara: ” Sure, let’s travel together.”
Me: “Where should we go? Maybe not too far away? Austria? Salzburg? Mozart was born in Salzburg. I mean this is not a particular reason to travel there, but why not?”
Luisa, Sara: “Sure, let’s do it!” Continue reading “A Throwback To June 2015 – Salzburg, Austria In Pictures”

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Volunteering On A Farm In South Of France, Midi-Pyrénées

Volunteering on an organic farm in France

Spending a part of my childhood on a farm, I was excited to travel to France and doing volunteering work on an organic farm.
At the age of 9 and 14, I traveled to France with my parents and in 2017 I  came back for one and a half months.
It was time to settle down for a while again.
Spending time in Midi-Pyrenees and doing organic farming, I could learn a lot about sustainable development and had a fantastic time with my French host family and their son, Oliver.  Continue reading “Volunteering On A Farm In South Of France, Midi-Pyrénées”

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A Hidden Gem In Eastern Europe: Bosnia and Herzegovina

First Chapter: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

I started to hitchhike from Novi Sad to the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo.
Friends warned me hitchhiking would be difficult in this country, but quite the contrary people were so friendly, therefore I never had a long wait. I just heard of Bosnia and Herzegovina in context of the war in ex-Yugoslavia.

But as soon as I entered the country, I was dazed by unspoiled nature in Bosnia like lush green mountains and crystal-clear turquoise water. Like their neighbours in the Balkans, Bosnia and Herzegovina can boast with rich culture, history and landscapes. In the latter case, their outstanding landscape surprised me beyond my expectations. Landscape Continue reading “A Hidden Gem In Eastern Europe: Bosnia and Herzegovina”

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Another Eastern European Country: Serbia Is Greeting

First Stop In Serbia: Niš

Hitchhiking from Sofia, Bulgaria to Serbia wasn’t easy. I waited roughly 45 minutes until a Turkish truck driver picked me up in the middle of nowhere. Fortunately the route from Bulgaria to Serbia (and often until Germany) is frequented with truck drivers from Turkey, who often take hitchhikers. I noticed that hitchhiking in Eastern Europe is more common than in Western Europe, I have never seen one hitchhiker in Germany.

Finally I arrived in Serbia, on the border I witnessed my driver bribed the officials. But I didn’t notice what was going on because my driver Mustafa spoke broken English.

Welcome to Serbia.
Thank you Serbia for welcoming me with a poster and a trashcan in front.

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