A Hidden Gem In Eastern Europe: Bosnia and Herzegovina

First Chapter: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

I started to hitchhike from Novi Sad to the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo.
Friends warned me hitchhiking would be difficult in this country, but quite the contrary people were so friendly, therefore I never had a long wait. I just heard of Bosnia and Herzegovina in context of the war in ex-Yugoslavia.

But as soon as I entered the country, I was dazed by unspoiled nature in Bosnia like lush green mountains and crystal-clear turquoise water. Like their neighbours in the Balkans, Bosnia and Herzegovina can boast with rich culture, history and landscapes. In the latter case, their outstanding landscape surprised me beyond my expectations. Landscape Continue reading “A Hidden Gem In Eastern Europe: Bosnia and Herzegovina”

Another Eastern European Country: Serbia Is Greeting

First Stop In Serbia: Niš

Hitchhiking from Sofia, Bulgaria to Serbia wasn’t easy. I waited roughly 45 minutes until a Turkish truck driver picked me up in the middle of nowhere. Fortunately the route from Bulgaria to Serbia (and often until Germany) is frequented with truck drivers from Turkey, who often take hitchhikers. I noticed that hitchhiking in Eastern Europe is more common than in Western Europe, I have never seen one hitchhiker in Germany.

Finally I arrived in Serbia, on the border I witnessed my driver bribed the officials. But I didn’t notice what was going on because my driver Mustafa spoke broken English.

Welcome to Serbia.
Thank you Serbia for welcoming me with a poster and a trashcan in front.

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Sofia – Welcome To The Capital of Bulgaria


Sofia travel guide

I didn’t know what to expect from Bulgaria and its capital Sofia, especially because I read little news about Bulgaria. But the ex-communist country has a lot of cheap and delicious food, a rich history and very friendly, out-going people. The capital is growing fast as a modern city.
From free walking tours, churches, thermal water springs to modern cafes and nightclubs, Sofia is a lovely city in Europe to a pay attention to. Continue reading “Sofia – Welcome To The Capital of Bulgaria”

From Bucharest And Rome


My friend Raj: “Hey Hong, do you want to help friends of mine in Poland ? A big family who needs somebody to teach English to their children. ”
Me: “Yeah, I will think about it.”
2 days later
Me: “Sure, why not, I will go.”

After India I went to Romania, Bucharest.
Jeez, this country is so beautiful.
Romania’s history is not only interesting because of the cruel personality of Vlad the Impaler. Thus, Vlad III. might have also inspired the Irish writer Bram Stoker to his novel character Dracula.

Bust of Vlad the Impaler

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From The Baltics To Ireland

I had to leave Bali by January 2016 and I spent one month afterwards in Vietnam to celebrate Lunar New Year.
My third celebration of new year was in April in Sri Lanka.
New Year’s Eve in Bali was great and I had a memorable start in the year of 2016. I came back to Europe in March and visited the Baltics, went on a trip with my cousin to Zurich, Switzerland and spent some time in Dublin.
Actually I would like to share the stories about my hosts and me while I visited the capitals of the Baltics, Zurich and Dublin. Continue reading “From The Baltics To Ireland”

The Beginning Of A Long Journey

My Journey through Europe.

I have always believed that every human being has a free will.
I deliberately decided against the post-graduate degree, when most of my friends had chosen between a gap year or to study. Please don’t get me wrong, I think studying is wonderful and to expand one’s own horizon and knowledge can never be enough. But it gives me a queasy feeling when I think about how many young people nowadays only consider this one option, especially if they are not really determined and eager to study. Currently I’m experiencing that travel has taught me quite a few life lessons and the world is the best class so far, based on my experiences. Continue reading “The Beginning Of A Long Journey”