A Classic Bad Day In My Life While Traveling

My life doesn’t contain only fairies and unicorns stories.
Bad days are in the all-inclusive-package of a world traveler.
Every traveler knows what I am talking about.
In this very short post I will share a typical shitty day during my travels.

Monkey in Bali
The naughty monkey stole the bottle of my friend in Bali.

Hugs and cuddle.
“I hope to see you again in Vietnam or Bali?”, one of the last things I asked my cousin. She came to visit me in December 2015 in Bali and we celebrated New Year together. It couldn’t be better with her, but she had to leave. Sadly I said goodbye to her while she walked to the departure gate.

Two friends brought us to the airport, but they had to leave due to private circumstances. Standing there without anything I had to call one of my friends to pick me up from the airport. 7 pm. Great. He isn’t off work yet.
Despite being angry to take an extra break during his work, he came and picked me up. I hate it to be a burden for someone.

Arriving back in my apartment, I tried to take a nap.
With a lack of sleep from the last night, I was about to fall asleep within seconds. “Ring, ring”, somebody called me.
Answering the call wearily, I decided to accept the invitation of a friend to go out for dinner. Dressed up and still tired, I came punctual to the warung we were supposed to have out dinner at.
10 minutes later, a text message: “I’m so sorry, I have late night shift today, I can’t come anymore.”.
Lonely and exhausted I ordered my food and drove back home after dinner.
Once at home I tried to search desperately for my phone, usually around
11 pm my mum calls me. She would freak out without any signs that I am still alive. Even though I am nineteen, but in her mind I will be forever her baby.
Suddenly I remembered I left the phone in the warung while I rushed to get home as fast as I can in order to sleep.
Hop on my motorbike like Speedy Gonzales, the fastest mouse of Mexico, I drove back to the warung.
“Why does my head feel so refreshingly cool today?”, my first thought while driving. “Why is everyone looking at me in an aghast way?”, my second thought. And my third thought: “God damn it, I forgot my helmet.”. Simultaneously driving way too fast down the roads to Kuta.
The situation could be only topped by a security check of the polices.
Fortunately, I didn’t get stopped or had to avoid a wild chase like in the Hollywood movies.
Nevertheless, I came and they closed 5 minutes before my arrival.
Frigging. 5 minutes. Oh, hell! All the way for nothing and harming myself while driving fast and furious without my helmet.
Okay, back home then.
The best thing happened on this day: On the highway I had a flat tyre!
I lost somehow my patience and sanity and started to laugh.
Like a crazy psycho person. Stayed there for an hour without any help,
I tried to sleep on my scooter. January nights in Bali are so cold, believe me.  And of course I wore only a dress and flip-flops, freezing to death.
Later, someone helped me and took advantage of my situation, hence he demanded the double price for fixing the tyre.
What should I do? Say no and keep continuing freezing on the god damn dreary road? So, I accepted the price.
We drove together to his repair shop and back to my scooter.
As you can imagine, it took hours to get my scooter fixed.
Not enough, his repair shop was in Canggu!!
I live in Sanur, which means it takes one hour without traffic to get back to my home and my beloved bed.
While he kept my international license and scooter license,
I got home, grabbed the demanded amount of money, drove back to Kuta and handed over the bucks.
Finally at home around 4 am, I could sleep a bit before waking up at 7 am to get ready for work.

Yeah, that’s it. I am a very lucky person, but once bad fortune decides to stick on me. We will be best friends for the whole day.

But no matter what kind of hard and bad days you have, better days won’t let you down and will return to you. I promise.

PS: I got back my phone on the next day.

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