My First Pilgramage In Life And What I Learned During Mazu Festival

How Did I Attend The Mazu Festival

You would probably know that I am jumping on every opportunity which comes my way for traveling.
After Antarctica, I got a message from Shin-Ba if I would like to join him for Mazu Festival. I volunteered in their hostel in February 2017 in Taichung. Not even looking up any information, I just agreed with him to come back to Taiwan just before the festival would start.
Therefore I booked after my Moroccan trip my flight ticket from Europe to Taipei. As you know I have a deep connection with Taiwan and its people. In May I arrived at the airport in Taipei and it was my third time visiting this tiny and beautiful country.

Mazu beigang temple
Chaotian temple in Beigang

I wrote in my blog about my travels in Taiwan before. How I did volunteering in Taichung, Dulan and Taipei . And I wrote articles of Taiwan being my second home, hitchhiking in Taiwan, Jiufen and Shifen and Southern Taiwan . Therefore I would come back and visit all of my friends and ‘families’ in Taiwan.

Spending time at Ohana
Date in taiwan
A dinner date with my friend with Sunny
Gaomei Wetlands
At Gaomei Wetlands
Overview Changhua City
Overview over Changhua with Wei and his lovely lovely family
Buddha Statue Taiwan
Big statue of Buddha in Changhu City
Elephant Mountain, Taipei
Trekking Elephant Mountain in Taipei with Taipei 101 in the background
Biking in Taiwan
Biking in Taipei. One of my hobbies.
I met my friend Cherry in Bali with 19 years old!
And Debo I have met while volunteering in Dulan, Taitung
Kaohsiung, Taiwan
In Kaohsiung on the balcony of my friend’s apartment
Qijin District, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Qijin District, Kaohsiung
Biking in Qijin District
Jiufen Taiwan
Teahouse in Jiufen
Jiufen Taiwan
Jie Yi and I in Jiufen
Street photography in Taiwan
Street photography in Taiwan

The 8 Days Pilgrimage- Mazu Festival

Basically I didn’t do any research about the Mazu Festival. Until I got to know from my friends it is not a real festival, but a pilgrimage in which more than 30000 people will join. I was nervous and excited to do this walking challenge of walking at least 30 kilometers per day.

Baishatun Mazu
Taichung at Ohana before we started to walk Mazu

As lucky as I am, I caught the year where Mazu is walking faster than ever before. To make it short and based on my own knowledge, in Taiwan, Mazu is the Goddess of the sea and would protect not only sailors and seamen, but also families. She is maybe the most important Goddess in Taiwan, where many temples were built to worship her.

History About Mazu Festival

So the pilgrimage I attended called Mazu Festival or Baishatun Mazu is a Taoist event which is held since back in the 19th century.

Baishatun Mazu
The start at Baishatun

So after every Chinese Lunar New Year, the Mazu statue of Gongtian Temple at Baishatun will be carried in a palanquin to visit another Mazu Temple- a temple in Beigang of Yunlin County. At the end Mazu will return to Gongtian Temple to end the pilgrimage. In total, the pilgrims are suppose to walk a distance of approximately 400 KM.

Mazu Festival
Baishatun Gongtian Temple

Mazu might be the most popular religious event in Taiwan. But there are two Mazu Festivals. One is called Dajia Mazu Pilgrimage in which the pilgrims are walking a strict itinerary. Whereas the Beishatun Mazu Festival has different and unpredictable routes in advance. I didn’t understand at the beginning how it worked. But according to Mazu’s palanquin carriers, they would feel Mazu’s will, her indication where the next direction or stop would be while they walking.  Therefore, all the pilgrims know the location of origin and destination. But not Mazu’s will where to go.

Mazu Festival Taiwan
Mazu is inside of this palaquin

My Feelings And What I Have Learned

I regard the Baishatun Mazu Pilgrimage as one of my most difficult challenges during my travels. The hardest one was climbing the Himalayas, then Torres del Paine and now the third place is going to Mazu Festival. Without Jie yi, Shin Ba and Shui Ming Ge (obviously my 3 walking partners) I could have never made it until the end.

Baishatun Mazu
Lovely Becs and I while walking Mazu. She joined us for 2 days out of 8.
Baishatun Mazu
Some chit chats with Shui Ming Ge, my travel mate during Mazu Festival

The first 3 days we were supposed to walk more than 140 KM. But even with walking 35 KM everyday we couldn’t keep up with Mazu. She walked faster than anyone and I didn’t meet anyone who could keep up with her the first 3 days. Actually, the most traditional way is following by walking, but many of the pilgrims would transport themselves by scooters, cars or bicycles.

Travel Mates

I swear, I felt just most of the time walking in the humidity and sweating endlessly disgusted by myself. When people would accidentally touched my arms, I just wanted to escape. The feeling of being sticky rice was more or less unbearable for me. On top of everything, we would sleep on the street the first few nights. One night I got attacked by a mosquito swarm and got a swollen mouth, eye, nose and ear (just imagine that and how blood thirsty they were!!).

Baishatun Mazu Festival
Me sleeping anywhere at Mazu Festival

I lost many times my patience by all the crowds, the noises of fireworks, the stifling heat and the humid weather conditions. And I am sure if I wouldn’t have my travel mates I would definitely throw in the towel and quit after a few days. I have to admit that while I was walking this festival (which at some points I hated to be honest) I felt so much compassion and love from people. By tradition, many residents offer free supplies to pilgrims. So we got endless food and beverage supplies everywhere we went.

Baishatun Mazu Festival
Some motivation along the way

On the 4th day until the end we would only walk, which was basically everyday more than 30 KM. But I was surprisingly happy how fast my body was adapting to those conditions besides all the painful blisters I received during Mazu Festival.

Baishatun Mazu
People will get blessed by Mazu as soon as the palaquin will pass over their heads

Not Giving Up

Two things I can assure you, after a pilgrimage  you will explode of adrenaline and endorphin once you arrive at the destination. My pride in myself and the capacity of our bodies astonishes me every time I would finish a big challenge in my life, whether physically or psychologically. It leaves me thinking I have the strength to move mountains and everything I want in my life I can achieve, no matter how hard it is.
It is definitely one of the best feelings in the world.

Beishatun Mazu
Sunset somewhere at Mazu Festival

Also what I was never aware of is that walking a pilgrimage is an immense strain for your body and mental health. Many times you have to stand up again and motivate yourself to continue. Many times I was literally thinking about just giving up. But here comes the second issue I clearly learned after this trip (which I knew before but the pilgrimage opened my eyes again).

Baishatun Mazu
Sunset time, my favourite time

There’s an old African proverb that says “If you want to go quicklygo aloneIf you want to go far, go together.” This proverb was proved during my whole trip to be well-founded and more than true. Incidentally, I am very thankful for the 3 people who went with me through another life-time adventure.

Baishatun Mazu
Fireworks Mazu Festival

Goodbye Taiwan, Hello Bali Again!

After spending an unforgettable month in Taiwan with friends, families and the Mazu Festival I was crying at the airport while boarding to Bali.

Famous restaurant in Canggu
Old Man with the princess
Sitting at the beach
Me watching the WSL competition at Keramas, Bali
Keramas Bali Indonesia
Sunrise at Keramas, Bali

Bali is for me another home I can withdraw myself whenever I feel drained from my travels. Therefore, I came back for a week to see all of my friends. And for the first time I could watch all my favourite surfers from WSL (I am following since 3 years) surfing in the competitions in Bali. How exciting it was! I felt pretty much like a fan girl. I thought life couldn’t get sweeter by all the massages I treated myself to everyday (seriously one of the few things which motivated me during the pilgrimage). As sweet as it was, I got a high fever, a dog bite and bad diarrhea within one week. But it doesn’t stop my love for Bali and seeing my friends all the time.
And all the sunsets at the beach are worth my one week visit in Bali!

Sunset Bali Kuta Beach
A sunset in Bali

Bali is for sure besides Taiwan a place I am considering to settle down later.
I will share some pictures of Bali I took with my iPhone 8 with you guys.
Also some random pictures of my friends and I in Taiwan will be displayed in this blog post.

Sunset in Canggu
Sunset in Canggu

Next Big Destination

Some of you might know it already, some might not.
But I am right now (June 2018) settling down in New Zealand.
Living, working and traveling in New Zealand for 4 months I guess.
I feel New Zealand will surprise me in an exceptionally wonderful way and I might find here some answers for my life quest. And I have a strong feeling for this, but who knows. I learned during the past year to let life lead me instead of forcing anything to happen. I guess “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”.

Auckland, New Zealand
Right now I am in Auckland (June 2018)

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