Bali, My Beloved Home

I don’t have a lot of places in the world I would call ‘home’.
I also don’t have the classic definition of home which most people have. Home is not only where my friends or my family are, but also where my heart feels most at home.
I would have never expected Bali would give me a place out of nowhere, which I always feel welcome to come back to. A place to lose time and worries, to do whatever I want to. To have more space for myself.
But the most important thing is, I found myself in Bali more than at any other places so far. Bali is magical to me. I didn’t know before I came to Bali, that I would visit ‘The Island of Gods’ again and again and again.
Every time I felt tired of traveling around South East Asia I would come back, having my own space and freedom. To meet my friends and to live life to the fullest. Replenished with new energy, I would continue my next travels. My heart beats quicker when I think about Bali, my face gets brighter when I reminisce about my nights and experiences back to those days, my smile gets bigger when I think about my friends I made in Bali and my soul gets lighter when I guess how much peace I found.
And Yes- Islands like Java, Sumatra or Flores shouldn’t be missed.
But all of my next Indonesian blog posts are dedicated to Bali.
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Cambodia, Cambodia, But This Time Not Angkor Wat

What is your first thought after somebody is telling you about Cambodia?
Is it Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Ta Prohm or the amazing and biggest lake in South East Asia, Tonle Sap?
Seriously, you should visit all of the places I just mentioned.
But you don’t really often read about travelers going to Phnom Peng, right? Continue reading “Cambodia, Cambodia, But This Time Not Angkor Wat”

August 2015- Mother Country And Thailand

First stops in Asia: Vietnam and Thailand

After finishing high-school, my friends were a little afraid about the future. But not me. I knew what I wanted, what I desired and what I still do. Exploring our wonderful planet!
All the cultures waiting to get to know, all the food I couldn’t wait to try later on to be consumed by me with biggest pleasure.
All the individuals I would meet on my way of bliss, which I am proud now to call them friends.
I was ready to go to Indonesia, ready for a new adventure in my life, ready to meet new people,  but more I was ready to get to know more about myself.
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The Beginning Of A Long Journey

My Journey through Europe.

I have always believed that every human being has a free will.
I deliberately decided against the post-graduate degree, when most of my friends had chosen between a gap year or to study. Please don’t get me wrong, I think studying is wonderful and to expand one’s own horizon and knowledge can never be enough. But it gives me a queasy feeling when I think about how many young people nowadays only consider this one option, especially if they are not really determined and eager to study. Currently I’m experiencing that travel has taught me quite a few life lessons and the world is the best class so far, based on my experiences. Continue reading “The Beginning Of A Long Journey”

Einen Reiseblog Starten

Was mich dazu bewegt zu reisen?
Ich sehe es als eine außergewöhnliche Erfahrung für das Leben an, klar jeder reist gerne oder wünscht es sich zumindest.
Aber irgendwie tuen es die meisten Leute nicht, jedenfalls ist es dann doch mehr Urlaub, aber so eine richtige Weltreise unternehmen in meinem Umfeld die wenigsten.

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