Royal Brunei Darussalam

Most people would struggle to point out on the world map where
Brunei Darussalam is. Actually even me, before I traveled to Brunei.
Sounds like it does lie somewhere close to Qatar.
But no, it is located on Borneo and sharing the borders with Malaysia.
The Sultan of Brunei has a collection of 500? Rolls-Royces and a palace with more than 1500 rooms, the biggest palace I’ve ever seen.
His Palace is called Istana Nurul Iman and is the largest royal residence in the world (bigger than Versailles!!), but it can be only seen for three days a year, during Hari Raya Aidilfitri (the end of Ramadan).
Where this guy gets his money from? Oil, what else!
The country has a big supply of oil and natural gas.
The main religion is Islam and Sharia laws are strictly adhered to, which means alcohol is illegal and drinking it is also illegal (along with being gay and blasphemy etc.).

The Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque in Bandar Seri Begawan.

Working in my definition is different from Bruneians.
I mean in which administrations do they close at 2pm or 3 pm or having a lunch break for several hours?
One more thing, when you enter the country : Be aware there are two unconnected parts and they are divided into four districts.
Due to the lack of public transportation, low taxes, and low price of oil,
Brunei has a high rate of vehicle ownerships and ranked in 2016 as most obese country in ASEAN.
No wonder, by all the brilliant and plenty of activities the state has NOT to offer. I’ve seen people hanging out all day long in the mall, eating.

I have a mixed feeling about Brunei and the capital Bandar Seri Begawan.
Actually after 3 days I didn’t really know what to do anymore, I was lucky enough that my friend Valor showed me around.
On the 4th day we went to Miri, Malaysia and came back at night to Brunei.
Don’t lose your sanity after a week in Brunei, there is not much to do.
So go to Borneo and do a jungle trek.

What else to visit?
Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque: Okay, I have to admit it is one of the most beautiful mosques I’ve seen.

Jerudong Park: It is supposed to be the largest and most expensive amusement park in South East Asia. In 2016 I have been there, I didn’t see anything special.

Malay Technology Museum showcases the culture of traditional water villages with various exhibits.

Ulu Temburong National Park: The first national park of the country reveals unspoiled jungle for nature lover.

Royal Regalia Museum: Unique and free museum. You get to see various gifts he has received from state visits to other countries and his life with series of pictures.

A modest night market compared to other Asian night markets.

Taking a water taxi to visit the derelict water villages and proboscis monkeys, which can be only seen on Borneo Island.

Long-nosed monkeys in the tree.
Sunset time in the capital.
Water village.
Colours of Bandar Seri Begawan.
Water taxi.

If you are in Borneo you can visit Brunei, why not.
I got to see astonishing sunsets in Brunei, and everyone who knows me knows: I love sunsets! So that’s what counts at the end, a beautiful sunset.

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