A Throwback To June 2015 – Salzburg, Austria In Pictures

Salzburg in Pictures

Me: “Guys, we have to do something, we finished school!!”
Luisa, Sara: ” Sure, let’s travel together.”
Me: “Where should we go? Maybe not too far away? Austria? Salzburg? Mozart was born in Salzburg. I mean this is not a particular reason to travel there, but why not?”
Luisa, Sara: “Sure, let’s do it!”

Okay, I have to admit we discussed more than what I have written above in our group chat. But it doesn’t matter, we still ended up in Salzburg, Mozart’s birthplace.
I don’t even know why I mentioned it twice.

Anyway, with our A-levels and some freedom it was time to travel!
I went to Austria twice, once to Vienna- the capital.
And this time with Luisa and Sara, two of my closest friends and I would never break the friendship with these guys. Why? – Just because they know already too much about me.
Here is Salzburg in pictures, which marks also unofficially the start of my world travel.
5 days in Salzburg was wonderful, we highly recommend you to visit the fourth largest city in Austria.
There aren’t many pictures, but this lovely city deserves an introduction of mine. This post doesn’t contain important or useful information.
But it does have an immense meaning to me, therefore it can’t be omitted.


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