Singapore 2015

Whoever wants to stay longer than one or two months in Bali has to do a visa run.
I had to go to Singapore for a new working visa in November 2015.
Singapore’s airport is the most comfortable airport in the world, everytime I had a transfer in Singapore, joy would overcome me finally to get a good sleep at the airport and to interact with all the leisures offered.
Now to Singapore itself: It is such a gigantic and pretty city state,
but I am not sure if I would be able to live in Singapore.
This short blog post is dedicated to the loveliest Singaporean family I know, who are people I wish to stay in touch with all my life.

Having arrived at Singapore Changi Airport Uncle Eddy picked me up with special bus tickets which allowed him to take me as his free companion everywhere we go.
So I never had to pay any bus tickets.
A short while later at Geraldine’s home, I got to know Gerry’s mother
(I always call her Auntie).
Auntie has a pure heart and often prepares delicious food for us.
My Uncle was very cautious and always advised me with a good sense of humour to take care of myself and don’t go to this and that country.
Gerry is sophisticated, intelligent, ambitious, super friendly, poetic and I admire her in every possible way.
Uncle Eddy took care of me during my whole stay of 5 days in Singapore. He showed me some free food places like a monastery or in some bank buildings the resting area, where we would eat countless of chocolate cookies and drank some cokes.

Singapore is THE Asian playground for children and adults of all ages.
This country offers pricey but attractrive activities in any manner.
I visited only places, which were free and sometimes we tried to sneak in to have a view of it.

  • Gardens by the Bay: This huge nature park contains three waterfront gardens: Bay South Garden, Bay East Garden and Bay Central Garden.
  • Marina Bay: Is the central area and surrounded by Straits View, Downtown Core, Marina East and Marina South.

  • Orchad Road: A major tourist attraction with a 2.2
    kilometre-long (1,36 miles) boulevard, all friends of shopping will benefit from the retail and entertainment hub of Singapore.
  • Chinatown
  • Geylang is the red-light-district and hundreds of brothels are located in this township.
  • The Quays: A historical riverside in Singapore
  • Little India: I came to the time when they celebrated Diwali in this ethnic district of Singapore.

    Short fact: Diwali is the Hindu festival of lights celebrated every year and signifies the victory of light and good over darkness and evil.
    More views below, maybe some of you might be keen on a visit of Singapore soon.

    I want to stay there.

    Uncle Eddy would make the people a smile to the face.

    Even though Singapore is one of the most expensive countries in the world but I didn’t spend a penny – nada, niente.
    Thank you Uncle to show me around and leading the best free walking tour I could wish for.
    For me you are the best insider Singaporean guide for super low-budget travelers.
    Thank you Geraldine for taking me out and letting my poetic side get on in life, while I attended a poem writing class with you and completely failed. And later you came to visit me in Bali.
    Auntie, you are perfect how you are, thank you for just being yourself.

    Without my Singaporean family I wouldn’t have enjoyed Singapore that much.

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