Another Throwback To 2014: South Korea In Pictures

After Japan we took the Panstar Cruise from Osaka to cross the sea and finally arrived in Busan, South Korea. Unfortunately like Japan, I forgot the names of many places I have been to. Therefore I will share a series of photographs we took from Busan, Jeonju and Seoul.
We traveled for two weeks in the country on the southern half of the Korean Peninsula. South Korea does not need to hide with its lush hilly countryside, famous Korean dramas and K-Pop, the coastal fishing villages, terrific islands, high-tech cities and rich cultural inheritance.  

Seoul, South Korea.



Busan – the second biggest city in South Korea – has something for everyone’s taste: beaches and seafood or hot springs and mountains.
What do you prefer ? 
The playful port city mixes traditions with modernity : From trendy, expensive cafes to fish markets and centuries-old Buddhist temples.
My highlight: At Haedong Yonggung Temple I hit my lucky coin on the third attempt into a bowl, which was 15 metres (50ft) far away. 



In western South Korea is a city with the name Jeonju.
It’s famous for the Jeonju Hanok Village, a village in Jeonju with over 800 Korean traditional houses (hanok), many craft shops and food stalls.
Moreover, the city is also famous for Korean food and some festivals.

Last stop: Seoul

Seoul is huge. Seoul is vibrant. Seoul is the vitality of South Korea.
Skyscrapers like in New York, high-tech subways like in Japan, architectural futuristic buildings and Asian’s dominant K-Pop music and film industry plus traditional Buddhist temples and street markets.
All this and more is Seoul. Due to economic booms, Seoul is one of the leading global cities. It is one of Asia’s most liveable cities and provides high quality of life. One need at least a month to explore Seoul properly. 
If you ever have the chance, go to Seoul and explore as much as you can.

I hope you got a slight impression of South Korea.
Decide by yourself either to go to South Korea or not.
But I am pretty sure you won’t regret it. I could probably live in South Korea for a while and there are only very few places in the world I’d consider to settle down for a short time.

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