Botswana: The Ultimate Safari Destination!

Botswana as the safari destination

I’m not a big fan of safaris if I’m completely honest. It’s simply because I have a hard time sitting in a car for 7-8 hours a day – I feel bad after only a 3 hour drive. But Botswana… Botswana is really a whole different story!

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Vivid Travels Through South Africa

South Africa is dangerous?

First stop: Johannesburg aka Joburg

When people kept telling me how dangerous South Africa is, it didn’t weigh easy on my mind. Especially during a heated discussion with the bartender at Ronnie’s Sex Shop on Route 62 who told me his opinion about South Africa: “Everyone here in South Africa knows at least one person who was killed or kidnapped by someone.” This sentence sticks in my head to this day. Continue reading “Vivid Travels Through South Africa”

Namibia: The Vast Lonely Beauty Of The Namib Desert

Namibia – Tales from December 2020 to January 2021

I have to be honest so much has happened during 2021 that I haven’t even been able to blog. But this year I was able to learn a lot from life and my travels again and I look forward to sharing it in this and future blog posts.

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Tanzania – Kilimanjaro, Or The Time All My Stuff Got Stolen

Tanzania And How To Define Justice

Justice is a difficult subject to talk about. Justice has a different meaning to everyone. My justice is probably not on the same level as yours or hers. In Tanzania, the judiciary is corrupt and I can tell from my experience that our worlds are far apart when it comes to acting in terms of justice. Continue reading “Tanzania – Kilimanjaro, Or The Time All My Stuff Got Stolen”

You Need To Travel Iceland – My Favourite European Country

Iceland Exceeds My Expectations

So often I’ve had high expectations of a country’s natural environment, and I’ve been so disappointed because places are littered with rubbish and full of tourists (admittedly, I’m one of them). But Iceland was one of the few countries that exceeded all my expectations.

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Crossing Atlantic And What It Means to Sail Across the Atlantic Ocean

Crossing Atlantic Ocean

While crossing the Atlantic and steering at night, the wind suddenly became stronger and I felt the sailing speed reach at least 11 knots. At first, I was pretty euphoric about how fast I was sailing. But steering became more and more difficult as I tried to stay on course. Suddenly, my heart was racing and adrenaline ran through my body. The helm was difficult to control, and I could barely calm my stupid excitement. The sky had become darker and the visibility worsened. Continue reading “Crossing Atlantic And What It Means to Sail Across the Atlantic Ocean”

Great Persia, A Refreshing and Surprising Country

Travels in Iran

I have no words to begin to describe my unforgettable journey to Iran.
It is a country which surprised me in so many ways and which I would highly recommend you visit before it gets too touristy. Continue reading “Great Persia, A Refreshing and Surprising Country”