Youtube Interview About Being A World Traveler

Gloria (Youtube-channel: travelwithglow) interviewed me back in February 2017 in Taiwan. reGardIng the subjects of world traveling and my experiences.

2 thoughts on “Youtube Interview About Being A World Traveler”

  1. Hello,
    I really liked your your travelogue about Iran, I was born there but left the country at age 7 and never returned.
    My question is: How do you at your young age travel to so many destinations.?
    I mean financially. I know u try as much to study the places before u visit. But still, it costs a lot to fly from one place to the next. Right!

    1. Hi Eddie, I am happy to hear you liked my travelogue about Iran. I hope maybe even one day you can return to your country and explor, discover your cultural heritage. Yes it is true, it costs a lot to fly and visit so many places like I do. Sometimes I decide my destinations by the cheapest flight ticket. But right now I have a good job in Antarctica which allows me to travel a lot. And I don’t spend my money on anything else than traveling. I never buy new clothes, travel light and 95% of my earned money goes to traveling. I think if you really want something you can find your ways to achieve your goals. Which means sometimes you need even to risk a little bit in order to get. Thank you for your sweet comment and have a beautiful day. H xx

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